Drafting for Others

Users can gain permissions to become draft authors for executives. Posts can be drafted, with the executive deciding whether to post them or not.

Drafting permissions on Workplace are granted by System Admins, Content Moderators or Custom Role Admins.
To give drafting permissions:
  1. Click Admin Panel at the top left of Workplace.
  2. Click Draft For.
  3. Click Grant Permission.
  4. Select a user to be the drafter. This is the person who will write posts.
  5. Select a user to be the final author. This person will approve each post to be published under their name.
  6. Click Grant Permission.
As a System Admin, you can also give drafting permissions to yourself.
Drafting permission can be revoked from the Draft For section.
How to allow other users to manage drafting permissions on Workplace
Admins can give other users the permissions to manage Draft For permissions:
  1. Click Admin Panel at the top left of Workplace.
  2. Click Admins.
  3. Click the Roles tab near the top of the page.
  4. Click New Role.
  5. Write a name for the role.
  6. Click Manage 'Draft For' Permissioning.
  7. Click Create Role.
  8. Assign this role to the person who you would like to manage drafting permissions.
Find out how to draft a post for an executive on Workplace.
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If you've been granted drafting permission, you can draft for an executive on Workplace.
Draft a Post:
  1. From your News Feed, select the group that your post will be published in.
  2. In the composer, click the Draft For tab. This will bring up a box with the names of the executives you have permission to write drafts for.
  3. Select the executive that you’re drafting for.
  4. Draft a post and click Submit for Review. They will receive a notification that the draft has been sent to them.
When you’re drafting the post, your icon will change and a notice at the top of the composer will let you know who you are currently drafting for.
Note: You can only select an executive to post for if they are in the group you are drafting the post for.
Manage Draft Posts:
  1. Go to the group that the post is drafted for.
  2. Under the composer, you can view posts you have drafted for yourself, posts that others have drafted for you and posts that you have drafted for executives.
Note: You cannot edit or delete a draft once you have submitted it for someone else to post.
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When a draft has been submitted to an executive, they can edit the post before they publish it or they can delete the post.
To edit or delete a post that's been drafted for you:
  1. Go to the group that the post has been drafted for.
  2. Below the composer, click See Post to see the post that has been drafted for you.
  3. To edit the post, select Edit. To delete the post, click then click Delete post.
You can also remove the Draft Author by clicking Remove this person's drafting permission.
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